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All our courses are accredited by ACCREDITAT

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All of our courses are accredited by ACCREDITAT 

180 Hour Course:

An advanced course that includes the following:


  • Advanced 120 Hour TEFL Certificate.
  • 20 Hour Business English Course.
  • 20 Hour Teaching Young Learners Course.
  • 20 Hour Teaching English Online.
   Reduced price: R3 300 
Now R1 999

Advanced 120 Hour Course:

This advanced course will prepare you for your TEFL adventures.  The course will cover the following topics in detail:

  • The TEFL/TESOL Realm
  • The TEFL/TESOL Teacher
  • TEFL/TESOL Learners
  • Grasping Some English Language Essentials
  • The Grammar Arena
  • Teaching the 4 Key Skills
  • Lesson Planning and Lesson Delivery
  • Teaching Skills ranging from body language to visual aids and presentation.

Reduced price: R2500 

Now R899

Business English:

 20 Hour


This course will focus on teaching Business English, this course covers a range of topics from the culture of the business learner to the format of letters and even how to teach students to conduct interviews.

Teaching English Online:

20 Hour 

This course was specially developed to assist TEFL teachers to grasp the idea of teaching students online.  The course deals with some key issues ranging from what to expect when teaching online to the technical details of teaching English online.


Teaching English to Young Learners:

20 Hour 

This course specifically deals with young learners and focusses on their development and the type of learning activities are most effective.


20 Hour Practical:

This IN-CLASS course is purely for teachers who want to practice their teaching.  The courses are held in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. The TEFL teachers should already have obtained a 120 Hour TEFL Certificate to enroll in this class.

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