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What TEFL Course Suits Your Teaching Goals?

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

As the new year begins, new career opportunities arise. If you are looking to expand your horizons, a TEFL certificate is a rewarding qualification to invest in. Teaching TEFL gives you the possibility to increase your income and explore the world while teaching. For those who are passionate about teaching, a TEFL course allows you to follow your dreams to teach any age group a new language.

There are various TEFL courses that are available at TeachTEFL, so which one would suit? your specific teaching style and goals? We take a look at the different TEFL courses and the teaching opportunities they provide.

180 Hour Advanced TEFL Course

The 180 hour advanced TEFL course is a comprehensive and in-depth qualification that gives you an array of teaching possibilities. This course includes the 120 hour TEFL certificate that all English teachers need to apply to online teaching platforms and various international schools to teach English abroad.

It also includes the 20 Hour Business English course, the 20 Hour Teaching Young Learners course, and the 20 Hour Teaching English Online course. The benefit of this course is that is provides you with all the various teaching opportunities for teaching English as a second language.

Advanced 120 Hour TEFL Course

The 120 Hour TEFL course covers everything you need to know to become a professional and expert English teacher. The course includes the essentials of the English language, grammar, the 4 key skills, how to plan your lessons and deliver your classes. It also covers what teaching English a second language entails for both you and the student.

Learn how to become the ultimate teacher through different teaching skills, such as body language, visual aids, and classroom presentations. This course provides you with all the language tools you need to successfully flourish in all your TEFL adventures.

20 Hour Business English Course

Once you have obtained your 120 Hour TEFL certificate, you can expand your English tool box by taking the 20 hour English Business qualification. This course enables you with the knowledge and tools to teach business English to students in the professional sector. This extra course provides vital information to help people learn English business lingo needed for corporate and professional conversations, emails, and other business related topics. You can broaden your teaching expertise with this course by attracting a wider range of students online. You can also use this course to teach extra classes after hours when travelling abroad.

20 Hour Teaching Young Learners Course

If you have your 120 Hour TEFL certificate, and you would like to focus on teaching young learners, then this course is ideal. The 20 Hour Teaching Young Learners is a short course that focuses on the development on young learners and how to effectively create learning activities that are best suited to young learners.

This course can help you prepare for teaching young learners online or abroad by giving you the necessary information to achieve an effective teaching plan.

20 Hour Teaching English Online

Most TEFL teachers have the opportunity to work remotely on an online English teaching platform. This gives you the freedom to work from home and schedule your classes according to your daily routine. The 20 Hour Teaching English Online course prepares you for the online teaching landscapes. The course includes what to expect from online teaching, how to successfully teach an online class, and the technical aspects that are integral to teaching online.

20 Hour Teaching Practical

The 20 Hour Teaching Practical is for teachers that have completed their 120 Hour TEFL course and would like to practice their teaching abilities before entering a real-life classroom. This is the perfect opportunity for South African TEFL teachers to put their teaching knowledge to the test and have the practical wisdom to venture into their teaching roles.

Final Thoughts

There are various courses that will suit your teaching goals depending on what type of students you would like to teach. Overall, the 180 Hour TEFL course gives you all the opportunities to explore different teaching spheres, from teaching young learners and business english, to online teaching. Overall, completing a TEFL qualification opens the doors to teach anywhere at any time, and to explore the world all at the same time!

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