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The Ideal Check-List for Your Ultimate Online Teaching Introduction Video

Many online teaching companies require a short introduction video either for the interview process or for your online profile. The purpose of an introduction video is to introduce yourself as an online teacher. So what should it include? It is a great way to showcase your communication abilities, teaching skills, and teaching personality. For some teachers, creating your first introduction video can be quite daunting, because recording oneself is something that may not come naturally to everyone. But, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating part of your online teaching process. It can be a useful tool to secure your employment and attract potential students. To assist you with creating an informative introduction video that seems natural and stands out from the rest, we have created a checklist for your ultimate introduction video!

1. Planning is the best policy.

Depending on whether you are creating the video for the application process, or for your profile to attract students, planning the video is essential. The company will inform you on how long your introduction video should be, usually around 1 to 3 minutes. Think and plan about what tech equipment you are going to use, where you are going to record yourself, what background you are going to set up, and what are you going to say. Once you have your basic vision, you can start brainstorming what you are going to say. The video requirements will slightly differ from company to company, but there are usually similarities in the types of questions they ask.

2. To use a script or not to use a script, that is the question.

To create the ultimate introduction video, being yourself is your greatest strength. You want to be able to show your teaching personality and abilities. Unless you have some acting experience, reciting your script may make the video seem rehearsed and unnatural. The best way to make your introduction natural, and simultaneously informative, is to jot down the most important information, and freely speak without parrot-learning it beforehand. This will help you keep the video structured and focused while still being yourself. Don’t rush through your script; take a breath, and speak slowly and clearly.

The most important information to include in your video is:
• Your full name,
• what country you live in,
• your educational background,
• your relevant experience,
• your reasons for teaching English,
• your teaching style and approaches (super important!),
• and your experiences with the type of student, age, and subject.

3. A good set-up makes the difference.

Your set-up is as important as the information you share in the video. Quality recording, good lighting, and a quiet space that has a classroom-focused background are what companies look for in their hiring process. Make sure you include all of these when recording your introduction video:
• look professional and dress as if you are about to teach a lesson,
• set-up your classroom background that is relevant to the age group and content you are applying to teach,
• use a stable camera that records below your waist, so that you can use your hands (a great time to exhibit your TPR skills),
• use good lighting and a good microphone,
• and make sure there are no loud noises that will distract from your voice.

4. Uploading the introduction video.

You may have to take 2 to 4 takes before you are completely happy with your video. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it flawless – you are a human after all. Once you have chosen the best video, double-check the company’s requirements to make sure that you have included all the necessary information. You will have to upload your introduction to different platforms depending on the company. Make sure you upload it correctly and share the correct link.

Well done! You have completed your first introduction video. You may have to make a few of them for different applications, but the most important aspect of creating the ultimate introduction video is to be yourself. This is an opportunity to exhibit your greatest teaching features – so take a breath, and be confident in your abilities.


Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

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