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The Different Accredited TEFL Courses Available

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

It may seem enticing to select the first or most affordable course you come across in a Google search when applying for a TEFL course. However, there are many online platforms that advertise incorrect accredited courses like a “level 3” or “level 5”.

We take a look at the different accreditations of TEFL courses available in South Africa to help you sign up for the best one to start your English teaching journey.

Level 3 and Level 5

When searching for a TEFL course to receive a TEFL certification, you will most probably see advertisements for a Level 3 or a Level 5 course. These levels refer to TEFL courses regulated and accredited by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) which is recognised by the Ofqual qualifications framework (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

These TEFL courses are specifically UK-based qualifications that are mostly offered for UK residents. Thus, there are many platforms that are using false advertising to attract South Africans to purchase TEFL courses. TEFL courses accredited by TQUK are only offered by TEFL Org, International TEFL Academy, and London Teacher Training College.

Accredited TEFL Courses in South Africa

ACCREDITAT is an international accreditation for TEFL and TESOL courses. They have no levels of the courses but they ensure that your 120 Hour TEFL course and extra 20 hour courses are accredited and recognized internationally by schools and online platforms. TeachTEFL is accredited by ACCREDITAT offering regulated and in-depth courses that include all the necessary knowledge to prepare you for both the online world of teaching English and for teaching abroad.

Choose Accredited TEFL Courses

Always make sure that you are purchasing a regulated and accredited TEFL course online. Before purchasing a TEFL course, spend some extra time researching about the platform, their accreditation, and reviews of the course. Take a look at TechTEFL’s internationally accredited TEFL courses to receive the most of your TEFL training.

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