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Teach English Online without a Degree at these Fantastic Companies

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

Some TEFL teachers don’t have a university degree, and it may feel like you don’t have many options out there. But, many fantastic companies hire South African TEFL teachers without a degree! Some companies require prior teaching experience, but if you are a newbie, a few companies are willing to help you gain the expertise you need to be a successful online English teacher.

Preply provides you with the opportunity to set your hourly rate, find your students, and set up the lessons. Fortunately, a degree is not required. However, TEFL certificates, teaching experience, and a good profile ensure that your profile stands out from the rest of the teachers. This platform is ideal if you want to plan your own schedule, either use their resources or create your own lesson plans and teach the students you are most experienced in teaching.

Tutlo offers one-on-one structured lessons for both young learners and adults. They provide you with a curriculum for each student that you should prepare for prior to each lesson. They hire South African TEFL teachers. The hourly rate is between $5 and $11. To apply to Tutlo, you need to have a TEFL certificate and at least 6 months of teaching experience.

Cambly is a platform for English teachers to chat with students worldwide to improve their overall fluency and speaking skills. Most of the students are adults, and the hourly rate is around $10. For Cambly Kids, you need a degree and a TEFL certification.

Like Preply, Engoo is a global platform for students to find a suitable English teacher for their learning needs. Each student will require different lesson plans catered to their English level so that teaching experience will be beneficial for a successful venture. The hourly rate is between $2 and $10. As long as you are fluent in English, a degree is not necessary.

Final Thoughts
Good technology is essential for teaching English online. All online teaching platforms require an excellent laptop or PC and a quality camera, microphone, and headset for teaching online. Make sure that you have a good internet connection before you apply.

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