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Simple Step-by-Step Advice for Completing an Application for Teaching English Online

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

When applying to a TEFL teaching company, you have to complete quite a few steps for the application, which can get a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. To help you secure a position with the company, we have created a simple step-by-step application process.

1. Admin – organising necessary documents

Before you begin the application for the TEFL teaching position, having all your documents in a folder that is accessible helps you apply stress-free. Admin is never a fun activity, but having all your necessary documents in one folder on your laptop speeds up the application process. The most necessary documents you should have are:

    • A professional portrait photograph of yourself that is the smallest file size possible without losing quality.
    • A PDF or scanned version of your TEFL certificate.
    • If you have a degree, make a scan of it for easy uploading.
    • A copy of your ID.
    • A PDF of your resume and cover letter.

2. Creating an outstanding resume

Your resume is usually the first document a company looks at, so it has to be informative and relevant to the position you are applying for. Include all your basic information, all relevant certificates, diplomas and degrees, and relevant teaching experience. Include tutoring or au pairing experience. Even if you weren’t an English teacher before, you could use your experience in the corporate or hospitality industries to teach. For instance, if you worked with international clients, you could include that you enjoy working with other cultures or that you have good communication skills.

3. Writing a convincing cover letter

Some companies will ask you to include a cover letter about yourself and why you would like to work for the company. Not all companies require a cover letter but having one ready is nonetheless a good idea. A cover letter shouldn’t be more than an A4 page, and it should be formally written. Create an outline of yourself, your educational background, your experience, and why you would make a good candidate for the teaching company. You can then adjust the cover letter’s contents according to each company you apply to.

4. Recording an informative introduction video

Some applications request that you upload an introduction video as part of your application. Similar to a cover letter, you are required to introduce yourself and discuss your experience. Depending on the instructions, you can also discuss your teaching style and teaching qualities that you have. Make sure that you use good lighting, a good stable camera, and a quiet space to record your video. Take a look at the ideal checklist for the ultimate introduction video.

5. Nailing the interview

An interview can seem daunting, but preparing beforehand can ease one’s nerves. Some teachers have personal blogs or YouTube channels with advice about working with a particular company or about the interviews, demo classes, and lessons, which could help you prepare for the interview. You could also contact someone willing to mentor you beforehand. Prepare your answers to possible questions beforehand so that you are calm and confident during the interview. Lastly, but definitely not least, TPR is the primary skill they are looking for in a TEFL teacher, so make sure that you use TPR throughout the interview.

Final Advice

These 4 steps will help you complete the application process for your dream company in no time! Researching the company you are applying to and staying calm throughout the process will make the process stress-free.

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