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Part-Time vs Full-Time Online TEFL Teaching

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

Teaching English online has a TEFL teacher comes with many perks. You get to plan your own schedule, work from home, and have the opportunity to explore the world as you teach. Plus, there are a variety of teaching platforms that focus on different age groups and curriculums.

The major perk is that you get to decide whether you would like to invest the time to make TEFL teaching a full-time career or become a part-time online teacher for extra money every month. We take a look at how to incorporate part-time teaching into your schedule and the crucial details of making TEFL teaching a full-time job.

Incorporating Part-Time Teaching into Your Schedule

Online TEFL teaching is a fantastic part-time job for students that are furthering their academic career, young professionals that would like to earn some extra money, and writing freelancers that would like to have a more reliable income.

Many English teaching platforms offer you the freedom to select the times you are available. When researching possible companies, look for those that don’t have a minimum dedication to the number of hours you have to work per day.

For TEFL teachers looking to teach online for only a few hours a week, you can choose the hours that suit you best. Once you have chosen your preferred teaching platforms, applied to a few, and secured a job, you can enjoy earning money in your own time.

Becoming a Full-Time Online TEFL Teacher

For TEFL teachers wanting to use their skills to make online English teaching their full-time career, it may take a few months or up to a year to build up your students and fill your schedule. But don’t be discouraged; there are many TEFL teachers that have filled up their schedule in just a month or two after signing up with a platform.

Like any career choice, it takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance to achieve success. Depending on the teaching platform you are affiliated with, open all the time slots you are available for every day. After that, you slowly build up your student base by securing recurring lessons. We suggest you accept as many trial lessons as possible to reach more potential students and offer your available time for any teachers that may cancel lessons with their own students. This will help you fill up your schedule and quickly become a full-time TEFL teacher.

Choosing What Works Best For You

Fortunately, online TEFL teaching offers you the opportunity to either become a part-time or full-time online teacher depending on your future career path and passions. Overall, depending on what you decide, there is an online platform out there that will align with your goals and schedule

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