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Keeping Your Health a Priority While Teaching Online English

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

Working from home can become challenging for our health because it sometimes feels like we never switch off and relax. When we work at an office away from home, it’s easy to leave work at the office and come home to enjoy some downtime. Relaxing and setting out time for ourselves is super important for leading a healthy lifestyle. So, as an online English teacher, setting boundaries between work and health me-time is essential.

Follow a Routine

It can be tempting to work at all hours of the day and night without any breaks when you work from home. But, planning your daily schedule at the beginning of the day helps you follow a productive routine without any distractions while having the time to have a few breaks. Taking a break throughout your day between classes, planning lessons, and marking homework can help alleviate stress. With too much stress, we can enter a burnout period. And we really want to avoid that. So, plan your day according to the most crucial tasks, and include breaks between these tasks so that you don’t end up overworking yourself. Once your day is done, switch your laptop or computer off, and unwind for the day.

Plan Your Mealtime

When hunger strikes, it’s often easier (and seemingly more productive) to grab a quick snack or meal and carry on working behind the laptop. But, this is definitely not a healthy habit to create. Food is an essential part of our health because it nourishes and sustains us. Try to stay away from ready-made meals or take-aways because it seems like a quick fix. Take the time to enjoy your meal. Including an hour during your schedule to prepare and eat a delicious meal is important for your health. If you have more time during lunch, take a walk or a drive to your favourite local cafe to take a break from your day.

Include Healthy Habits in Your Schedule

Many people who work from home switch their computer on as soon as their eyes open and only stop working right before bed. Constant screentime is terrible for our eyes, sitting in a chair all day is bad for our backs, and focusing on work all day can cause severe stress. Take the time from your schedule to include time for healthy habits. Go for a walk, sit in the garden to get some vitamin D, do some exercise or stretches to keep your body healthy, or make your all-time-favourite warm or cold drink. These healthy habits will keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy as an online teacher working from home.

Dedicate Some Me-Time

Working from home can seem like you don’t have a life outside of your teaching life. Make sure that you dedicate some time during the week and weekends to focus on doing the things that relax you, excite you, and make you happy. So, don’t overbook yourself. It’s vital to keep our health a priority – take the time to rest, unwind and focus on yourself.

A Healthy Teacher is A Successful Teacher!

By practising healthy habits to take the time to relax and prioritise your health, you will feel more energised and productive throughout your day. Following a routine, eating healthy food, getting outside and moving, and dedicating downtime will help you de-stress and be happier. When you are healthy, you will feel more productive, which will make your classroom a successful one!

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