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How to Give A Successful Demo Lesson During the Application Process

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

Many online teaching platforms require you to do a live demo lesson before you begin teaching English online as a TEFL teacher. The purpose of a demo lesson is for the platform to assess your teaching method, style and approach. So, to help you prepare for a successful demo lesson, we have compiled a few necessary activities to consider.

What to Expect

After your application is approved, an interview will be scheduled. Sometimes the demo class is scheduled for during the interview, and other times, you are required to pre-record the demo class. In both instances, they will send you a lesson for you to prepare beforehand; it may be a few days before or a few hours before. If the demo class is a part of the interview, an experienced teacher will pretend to be a student of a certain age. This may be a bit strange for you to see an adult speaking with an accent, acting distracted, and not knowing what you are teaching. But, they do this to recreate a real teaching scenario that you will encounter. So, expect this before the commencement of the demo class.

Prepare the Lesson (no matter how simple it seems)

They will send the lesson plan a few days or a few hours before the demo class, so you will have time to prepare. Before the demo class, go through a few practice runs of the lesson material. Maybe put on your camera and pretend you are teaching a student. If you have enough time, get a few relevant props that you can use during the demo lesson. One thing that can really help you is to do a bit of research of the company before the demo class; see how other tutors teach, which could help you prepare for it.

What Your Employer Expects From You

The demo class is where you get to show off all your TEFL skills! Your employer needs to see how you teach. Begin with a small introduction of yourself, encourage your student to introduce themselves, and ask a few questions before getting into the lesson. Remember to use TPR and to pace yourself while you speak. Include error corrections and extended questions. An interview can be pretty daunting, so remember to take a deep breath and remain calm. You have got your TEFL certificate, so you definitely know your stuff!

Happy Teaching!

A demo class may seem like an easy-peasy lesson, but don’t leave it till the last minute. Nerves can make our minds blank, so preparing your workspace and practising the lesson beforehand will help ease your excess nerves. You may receive feedback directly from your interviewer right after your demo class, or they may write back to you after a few days. Whether it is successful or not, feedback can help us grow and improve our skills. So, don’t be disheartened; if you prepare and show off your skills, the right job will come your way!

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