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Most frequent questions and answers

Contrary to popular belief. The TEFL industry is not a regulated industry. In other words, there is not a single accreditation body for TEFL.  

Most of TEFL courses are endorsed by individual companies. Some of these companies don’t even look at the course material.

Having said that, like many other TEFL companies, we are internationally recognised.  We have been in business for over 6 years and our students have found jobs in China, South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, South America, Spain and at Online companies. 

If that is the case, we are very sorry.  However, TeachTEFL has been upfront about this. It states very clearly in our about page, that the course is not endorsed.  We also informed people that we are busy with the endorsement process. 

We are sure that when you did some research on the company you would have seen this.

This is not true.  Your certificate holds as much weight as it did a year ago. TeachTEFL has had thousands of students and a lot of them are teachers abroad or online. The certificate you are doing or completed is STILL a valid 120 Hour TEFL certificate.

You will receive a 120 Hour TEFL certificate regardless of which course you did. There are marginal differences in these two certificates.  You can see them here. 



The new course is more in-depth and has a lot more reading materials.  We have spent a lot of time and effort to upgrade and refresh our current course. 


The old course is still very relevant. 

You are more than welcome to do the new course. However, if you have already completed your course, or you are very close to completing the course.  Ask yourself

a) Do I have time to invest in starting from scratch?

b) Were you unhappy with the course that you did?


The choice is yours, you are welcome to continue with the current course, or to start with the new one. 

Kindly complete the form below and inform us of your decision.

If you opt for the new course, we will remove you from the old course and send you login details for the new one as soon as it is available. (hopefully the next couple of days) 

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