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TEACH TEFL 120 Hour Online Course.


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  1. Highly Recommend


    The course is easy, fun and engaging.

    There are a few areas where one needs to make sure they read the questions correctly as it can get a bit tricky!

    The tutors feedback was almost instant and super helpful.

  2. Fruitful


    Thank you for excellent support!!



    This was an absolute blast. I enjoyed every quiz and every assignment. Thank you for a fun experience.

  4. Awesome course


    It was an course, challenging but great. The tutors are also great, always available to assist and they respond so quick.
    Thank you for the great experience.

  5. 5

    This is the beat online course that I have ever taken, it’s authentic, meets the standard and very informative. I would like to thank the tutors they are very professional and they know their job, they don’t get tired of responding to questions they assist you and make sure that you pass the course. I have enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

  6. Amazing Response Time


    Very quick to tend to queries!!! Excellent service

  7. Great Course


    Tutor was really helpful and responded quickly

  8. Great course tutors are amazing, they are very helpful, they take you through the whole process, very quick to respond to emails, feed back is on point, I leaned a lot, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to take the course


    TEFL course is a great course I recommend it

  9. 120 Hour Online Course


    A huge thank you to the Teach TEFL team for helping me out and always responding speedily, the course was really fun and very educational. Keep up the great work!
    Thank you!

  10. Teach tefl


    I really enjoyed the course! and thanks for great feedback.

  11. COURSE


    Thanks for a very good and informing course.I will recommend it to everybody, that is interested in doing a Tefl course.Thanks Tanita and Vasti.I loved the feed back after after each assignment.



    Thank you for a great experience. I have no regrets and will most definately recommend this course.



    The course is fun and challenging. One should be able to complete it in no time, with dedication and persistence!

  14. Great course!!


    Very informative and easy to follow. I now feel more equipped to start my teaching journey. I would recommend the course to anyone who is looking to teach English as a foreign language. Thank to the tutors for their assistance.

  15. TEFL 120 HOUR


    The tutors are amazing, they take their time in explaining your concerns. They are very reliable and honestly seem like the sweetest people ever. I am so grateful for this opportunity, thank you ‘TeachTEFL’.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. Got my Certificate Yeay!!!


    Course was straight to the point, and helpful. Great examples relevant to teaching abroad. Quick marking turn around time. Quick response to helping with technical issues. Love the comments you get with your marks, shows that they have really looked through your work. Thanks to Tasha for the helpful commenfs

  17. 5

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Tanita was very helpful. Appreciated all of her feedback. Thanks.

  18. I really enjoyed the knowledge obtained


    Very interesting and eye openning

  19. 5

    I don’t have any complaints, the tutors are helpful, extremely helpful and I don’t feel like I have wasted my money. Grateful for the help that I’ve received from Tanita.

    I enjoyed the course, learned a lot from my notes and hopefully I will be able to take what I’ve learned from here and practice it in the real world. Actually, I am confident that I will!!!

    NB: This is not a course for lazy people.

  20. Excellent course!


    Pleasantly surprised by how in depth and challenging the course was. 100% well prepared and excited to start this TEFL journey.

  21. Was amazing! Didn't expect it to be this fun!



  22. Friendly Tutors and Good Assignments


    The assignments gives one a good idea of what to expect. The tutors are prompt and friendly. Good luck to those taking the TEFL course. Have a great journey!

  23. Awesome course


    Thank you, the course was easy and nice

  24. Amazing course


    Had the best time doing this course, its challenging in a fulfilling way. The support you get from the team is also unrivaled. Thank you!

  25. The course is good


    The course was not difficult if you study and put more effort on yourself.



    I throughly njoyed the course tutors responses within 24hrs would like to say a special thank you to Mandy Van Willingh,Vasti Gouws,Tania Gouws for the assisitance when it was needed you are all the best facilitaors/tutors gigantic thank you,

  27. 4

    Daddy’s deal is very reliable with the best tutors they mark your work and send you a feed back in a short period of time and make sure everything is clear for you to understand.

  28. Great course


    I would recommend this course to anyone. The course is easy accessible and the feedback is fast and positive.

    Thank you for a great experience

  29. Tutors


    Tutors are so helpful, friendly and polite. They always give feedback and mark work quickly.
    Thank you.

  30. Thanks


    Journey worth taking,value for money

  31. Great Course


    Easy to follow instructions, very detailed on how tasks need to be completed. Very user friendly.
    Tutors response time – Excellent!!!
    Very well worth doing online course.

  32. Great Course


    It’s a very informative course, I’ve learnt alot.

  33. Very happy with this course!


    Very insightful course. I have learnt a lot. Definitely worth it

  34. Just a comment


    It was an amazing experience to study TEFL, it has improved my lesson planning and how I viewed teaching methodology.




    Insightful and properly presented.

  36. A great course with wonderful support to match!


    I am absolutely thrilled to have taken this course! Not only did it help me understand the different elements involved with teaching English, but I found myself learning new helpful things as well.
    Super impressed with the communication from my Tutor, Tanita Gouws (You’re an absolute star, Tanita!)
    I would definitely recommend this course to anyone considering teaching English as a possible career choice.

  37. TEFL, my Proffesional Developer


    I have been a teacher for the last 25 years. I graduated with a B.A. in English language, an Honours degree and now completing my Master’s degree in English.

    I spent most of my life teaching high school students and the last two years I taught primary students. The TEFL Certificate has equipped me with new skills to teach this students especially the young ones. It has made a huge difference in my academic life. It has also given me a chance to teach and travel at the same time. It has always been my dream to travel internationally and now my dream will be a reality soon, when I teach abroad.

  38. technical support


    the technical support team is amazing even thou i had so much of questions they never failed to answer them quickly and effectively

  39. You'll enjoy it!


    Had a lot of fun doing this course. The work is clear and concise, assignments are fun. You learn a lot, discover so much about the kind of teacher you want to be. I recommend to anyone looking to get a TEFL certificate.

  40. Feedback from tutors


    I really appreciated the encouraging and positive feedback that I received from the tutors. It was very motivating.

  41. what a great course


    thoroughly enjoyed this course and the contents. Tanita’s feedback and guidance was amazing.

  42. Teach TEFL 120 Hour Online Course


    Well structured course. Clear instructions with reference to the questions. Constructive feedback from tutor with my submitted assignments.

  43. TEFL 120 Hour Online


    The course is structured well and concise.

  44. Excellent


    Straight forward and easy to understand. Highly recommend it.

  45. TEFL online course review


    I enjoyed this course! The quiz assignments were useful, and the lesson plan and teaching tools were practical and helped me apply teaching theory in real life. The fast feedback from tutors was useful and appreciated.

  46. TEFL 120 Hour Online


    Very informative and easy course. The tutors are really helpful.

  47. Great course, great tutors!


    I found the course outline to be very easy to follow. I could work on my course from my phone or my laptop. My tutor responded to me on record time whenever i had any questions or didn’t understand something, this allowed me to work efficiently and finish my course on time! Thank you, Teach TEFL!

  48. My personal experience


    Overall I enjoyed the course
    I thought the last assignment was most challenging and fun but it was extremely difficult to upload my files, videos and audio content.

  49. Awesome


    Very informative, easy to understand and interesting. The examples used are relevant and the feedback is swift and helpful. I had a wonderful experience.

  50. I learnt so much


    Iearnt so much from this course. I cannot wait to implement all of this in the classroom.

  51. TEFL online, a great opportunity


    Great content, instructions and enough time for course completion. When assistance was needed, responses were prompt and helpful. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know.

  52. what are you waiting for???!!!!


    THE BEST COURSE EVER!!!! I highly recommend it! So convenient!!

  53. Amazing


    The tutors are very kind and understanding the course is also very easy to follow and I would defenitly reccomend it to anyone.
    It is awesome!!!

  54. 5

    I would advise others to consider this course beside of you passing or getting the certificate. The course is informative 👌🙏🙏

  55. Great course


    Thank you for such a great course, I started with no knowledge about teaching but now I am confident to say I am ready to be a TEFL teacher.

  56. It was a great experience I've never studied online but with the help of the tutors, everything was easy


    5 star

  57. What a fruitful journey!!


    I’d like to take this moment to say thank you very much to Ms Tanita for her dedication to her Job.

    This course opened my eyes to the world and bravo to myself as well for giving it a chance.

    It was quite a journey, and bcz of my busy schedule I couldn’t finish it on time as I had set a target. But in the end I did finish it.

    I highly recommend this course to everyone who wishes to do it. It is indeed a great piece of work.

    Thank you!!

  58. Tefl Course


    the course was simple and easy to follow and makes one feel comfortable about teaching english anywhere in the world.




  60. amazing 120 hours


    This course was really great to complete. It taught me so much and very valuable skills. What a great refresher of things I’ve long time forgotten.

  61. Good course


    Good course. Helpful and interesting. Assignments were marked quickly and sent back with feedback.

  62. Thanks for an amazing journey


    This course is straight forward and easy to follow. The depth is sufficient and it’s got excellent tutors. Thanks Tanita for the assistance and feedbacks. Only me and her know what went on durring the course lol basically my stupidity…Wish one day I will thank her in person

  63. Excellent and precise course


    Wonderfully simple and informative for the beginner english teacher

  64. 120Hour online course


    Great course.
    I learnt much, and I enjoyed what I learnt. Eager to put to the test.
    Thank you TEFL for making this course available and for all assistance.
    Vasti you and your staff are stars.

  65. WORTH IT


    I absolutely enjoyed this course. It was enlightening and exercised my brain in a challenging but doable way. Tanita,you are amazing. Your comments/feedback steered me in the right direction. Keep doing amazing work. This course was totally worth it,thank you so much! 👍

  66. Great Course


    Thank you, I really enjoyed the course. It was clear, easy to understand and lite to consume which makes learning fun.

    I appreciate that there is feedback and an opportunity to rewrite tests.

  67. Rayne


    I would really like to thank Tanita for her encouragement throughout my course, and speedy way she answered my emails and sent test results. Now to starting a new career next year!

  68. 5

    Tanita you are doing a great job. Thank you and your team.

    Great course and interesting too. Effective teaching personnel there who are always there to give fruitful feedback. My first online course and it just gave me a memorable experience

  69. Awesome experience


    I thought I’d struggle throughout the course but with the help of the tutor it was way too easy.

  70. Excellent course


    Thank you teach TEFL for this course! I am a teacher, but this course helped me refresh my memories of what teaching is all about. Tanita Gouws was great with good comments on my work.

  71. Interesting and Informative


    Hi, thank you for this course it was so interesting. I struggled at the beginning but eventually found my drive and momentum to push forward.

    I learnt and I believe it will help me going forward.
    Thank you to Tanita my tutor, she gave me good tips and advise.

    Kind regards

  72. The length of quizzes


    I give the length of quizzes 4 stars

  73. Challenging


    The course was an eye opening experience ,I thought I knew English but boy was I wrong. I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the experience . The tutor was great.

  74. Interesting


    At first I was very worried about doing it online by myself , thought I wouldn’t make it. Only to find that it was manageable and with the help of the tutors I managed to do better than I ever imagined.

  75. Simple and easy


    I enjoyed doing this course. Modules were made easy to understand and quizzes were fun to do.

  76. Excellent Course


    I have learnt so much and the help of Vasti was exceptional. Thank you so much I highly recommend it to anyone.

  77. excellent


    I would recommend the service to anyone, the lectures where very helpful and took there time to make sure you understand what was wanted from you.

    Thank you

  78. Great course


    The course is great. I found it very challenging, but doable. It’s exactly what I need. It has equipped me with all the necessary skills I need to work on my own as a teacher in the classroom. The course is well structured. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much.

  79. Very thorough with swift and informative feedback.


    This course has been extremely helpful. For an online course the tutors are sure to provide thorough feedback on assignments which are helpful for identifying potential areas for concern. The actual course introduced me to a variety of teaching methods and answered many of my questions when it came towards teaching methodology. I would definitely recommend to others. Great job!

  80. Good course work and assistance given


    Do not wait till the last minute to complete the course. Once I started I managed to complete because the course is easy to understand. Assistance given by the tutors was very helpful also.

  81. Great course


    The course is informative, to the point and manageable. I really enjoyed it and think that the lessons learnt here are applicable.

  82. Awesome experience


    I rate this online Tefl course 5star, its indeed a journey worthwhile.

  83. Great experience


    Thank you to my tutor Tanita Gouws that has been there with me every step of the way. She was very helpful, always responded quickly to any queries and always got my results so fast. It was only a pleasure

  84. Course


    The course is very practical and challenging. It gives one space to think about teaching as a whole and not just English.

    It has equipped me with the skills I need for my move.

    The feedback provided by the tutor was also encouraging.

    Thank you 🙂

  85. Glad I did it!


    The course was informative and interesting, although there were some minor content issues. With some small changes it can be even better! Thanks to the team.

  86. 4

    Hi there, thank so much about this wonderful course ever. It was amazing working with guys, you have tutored me so well all the way.

  87. Great course. Short and simple, yet still challenging


    I enjoyed it. Thank you. Looking forward to my future as a TEFL teacher.

  88. 5

    I learnt a lot from this course

  89. Excellent Course


    This course was excellent and challenging at the same time. I feel as though it provides you with knowledge and practical skills that would prepare you for teaching especially if you don’t have an education background. The course tutors were a pleasure to work with. Tanita responded in a timely manner and was very respectful. I would highly recommend this course

  90. Great


    You help me quite quickly and had nice survive thanks

  91. Uploading assignments


    Please be note that I was never able to upload my assignments. I always had to submit my assignments via email.

    Thank you to Tanita for always being available to answer any questions that I had.

  92. Opens up your world


    This a great course and world class course, wonderful assistance by tutors too, I enjoyed doing it.

  93. TEFL online course


    Thank you for the course, it was great fun doing the assignments

  94. Well structured course!! Fast response from the tutor.. Enjoyed the course👍👍


    What a lovely course.. Tnx teachtefl

  95. Thanks TEFL


    I would like to thank the TEFL team for an insightful,exciting and equipping course. The journey has been very enjoyable for me and the sky is the only the limit to the possible opportunities that i foresee in the near future as a result of finishing this course. I have gained a lot from this course and i am more than ready to teach others and improve the world of the English language through TEFL and make this world a better place by bringing people together using the English language. Thank you.

  96. Good Course


    I enjoyed taking the TEFL course. The tutors were quick to reply to queries and results for assignments were issued quickly.

  97. Oscar


    This course was phenomenal and I learnt a lot more than what I knew. I’m grateful I did this course.

  98. 5

    Tanita and the team you guys are AMAZING!! Always there to resoond to questings and peovide guidance. The coirse was easy to understand and follow THANK YOU GUYS.

  99. 5

    Enjoyed going through this course. The tutors are very helpful.

  100. Best experience


    Challenging, informative and very helpful course. Thank u Tanita and your colleagues for always willing to help and for doing it so promptly.

  101. 5

    This course really prepares one for teaching abroad. I learned some new teaching methods that I will definitely use in the future. The tutor support is fast at responding and very nice to talk to. I would recommend this course to others.

  102. Excellent


    Thank you so much for the excellent course and quick feedback after each assignment. I will recommend this course to anybody looking to complete their TEFL as quick and conveniently as possible.

  103. Had a blast


    I’ve never done an online course before but this experience has taught me so much. The course is simple yet very insightful. The tutors are effecient in giving feedback. I highly recommend this course.

  104. 5

    Amazing lecturers. Thank you Tanita Gouws. You are very efficient and helpful. Thank you for the guidance with this course. It was an amazing journey for me and I have gained alot of knowledge from this course. Thank you TEFL team

  105. simple


    Great methods of testing ones teaching capability and to improve their teaching.

  106. Great course


    Course was great! It was clear, simple and the information is easy to digest. There was so much support from tutors and i never ever felt alone. What i loved the most is that you work at your own time and pace. Tutors reply on time when you enquire via email. I’ve never experienced any problems. I loved it! If had a chance to do it again, i would.

    I will definitely recommend this course to a friend.😊

  107. Lesego


    This course was an amazing eye opener in teaching English as a foreign language it is great as it gives you an idea of what is expected of you as a proffessional foreign language teacher. Was definitely worth my time

  108. Appreciation


    I enjoyed my time spent in this course I learnt all .thank you

  109. TEFL Course


    Thank you so much for this course
    , it has been truly an amazing journey.

  110. 4

    Great course! Definitely was worth my time

  111. 4

    The support from TEACH TEFL is so amazing. Great work !!

  112. It is a great course!!!


    I really enjoyed it. The tutors are proffessional.

  113. Tefl course


    Good course. Helped with finer points in things I didn’t realize

  114. TEFL 120 Hour


    Very informative. Great explanations and reviews on the assignments.

  115. Tefl feedback


    Excellent course. It flowed very smoothly and covered very interesting topics. Well worth it

  116. Great course


    Tanita was such a great help throughout the course. She has helped me and guided me on how to improve on certain aspects and also motivated by telling me to keep up the good work.

    Thank you Tanita, i will defn recommend this course to everyone who is looking to obtain their TEFL cerificate.


    Leandra Kamaar

  117. 5

    This was a great course, with plenty of help available. I really like how the theory was backed by quizzes and assignments.

  118. Loved it!!!!


    Loved doing this TEFL course. I truly feel that I have enhanced my knowledge by doing this course. I can’t wait to put my TEFL certificate to use.

  119. Amazing


    Well structured, well administered, great content, great feedback.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it very helpful. Would recommend it to anyone

  120. 10/10


    Thank you for the feedback and assistance with my course. It was such a pleasure doing the online course knowing that I will get consistent feedback with the assignments and support! Thank you thank you!

  121. Superb


    The course was out of this world. I enjoyed it from the beginning till the end. The assignments took me back to the classroom during my time as a learner. Just that reminded me that, education has no age limit.
    Thank you very much Tanita and your Team.
    Tefl is a game changer..

  122. 5


  123. Appreciation


    Thank you for this course it’s been worthy and I have lean a lot now I am confidence on teaching English.

  124. Excellent


    This course is well constructed and I have learnt a lot.

  125. TELF 120 Course


    I really enjoyed the course. The tutors are the best.

  126. 5

    A great course with great tutors who provide warm remarks on exercises. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend people to take the course definitely. Thank you so much for this amazing journey.

  127. amazing


    really enjoyed doing the course, I putted in extra effort to finish early. it was changeling at times but the tutors were extremely helpful and very nice. thank you kindly.

  128. 5

    The course was very helpful, the responses to enquiries were very fast and helpful. Thank you to Tanita and Vasti. You won’t regret taking this course!

  129. TEFL Course


    This course was easy to understand with practical examples.

    Enjoyed working through it and Tanita provides great feedback. Looking forward to putting the TEFL learnings in practice

  130. amazing


    Tanita was the best she assisted me every step of the coarse hence it was an interesting and fun coarse and I passed with flying colors

  131. Course Review


    Tanita Gouws is an excellent tutor , love all of her feedback!
    Great course !

  132. 4

    Thank you so much guys this was an amazing exercise, Tanita was helpful where i couldnt understand the question

  133. A great upbuilding and encouraging course


    Thank you Tanita and Vasti for presenting this upbuilding course. May you accomplish your goals for the course as you are a blessing to many people. Not only are you a blessing to us as students, but also to many people who will be taught by us.

    Leon S.

  134. 4

    Thanks so much,i really enjoyed doing the course.

  135. great content and LMS


    Thank you Vasti and Tanita for presenting an inspiring course. Your input in the assignments and overall help was inspirational. This is lifelong learning and a great course to brush up on teaching skills.
    Be blessed!


  136. I really enjoyed so much


    I rate it 5 star

  137. Lotus Masinga


    The experience was great and i would recommend this site to others.

  138. Nikiwe


    Thank you so much for helping me get this Life Long qualification. You offered a very clear and understandable exercises. Thank you so much .

  139. Thank you.


    Thank you, I really enjoyed the course. It was informative and Tanita was always ready to assist.

  140. What a fun course!


    I enjoyed this course so much! You will too! The tutors are so helpful and very friendly.
    Thanks to all at teach TEFL!

  141. Exceptional


    The course is extremely well structured and gives the student ample information and knowledge to equip them in their career path.

    A special thank you to Vasti and Tanita for the swift responses and valuable comments and motivation during the course.

    Thank you!

  142. Great course


    This course was really interesting and I learned a great deal. The support is excellent and the modules are nicely set out and easy to follow.

  143. Excellent Course


    Enjoyed the course, refreshed my memory on few things.

  144. Great Course


    The course is designed to give great insight into teaching abroad. I have received great feedback from Tanita on all assignments which have helped and guided me with the next one.
    Thank you!

  145. 5

    The course was really helpful and easy,and also the good tutors as well.
    I would recommend it again and again.

    Thank you so much.

  146. Wandile


    Great content, lovely site. Easy to navigate. I’d recommend doing your TEFL certificate with Teach TEFL. Good luck.

  147. 5

    Thank you,
    this was an amazing course, it was challenging….I hope now I am skilled enough to face the work environment.

  148. Whilst the course is very good, I have some reservations that it's necessary to bog students down with a lot of superflous information. eg base form past simple, past participle, getiing them to converse freely, in everyday conversation etc etc


    As stated above IMHO there is too much emphasis placed on topics like the various participles , base,past simple, past participle,. Again IMO opinion the emphasis should be on vocabulary, tenses, sentences construction,verbal skill practice in class,. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, consonants, vowels, meaning of words, spelling, conjunctions, prepositions etc. — practical speaking info.
    Do they need to know things are called : ‘present continous tense, present perfect tense, past continuous,past perfect tense,past perfect continuous,future simple tense , future continuous tense etc etc.’ I believe it could be confusing to have all these heading. I would concentrate on practical verbal skills and lots of practice about the meaning of words, word order, tenses, sentence construction, intonation.

  149. 5

    The course is straight forward and easy to follow. Tanita and her team are incredible. Tanita has responded to every message or email quickly and respectfully. I would highly recommend anyone who’d like to do a TEFL/TESOL etc that they use TeachTEFL. I am really happy with the service and my results. Thank you, Tanita!

  150. Dominique Brink


    Excellent course, step by step tutoring all the way until the end.

  151. 5

    This has been a great journey. The help from the tutor was superbly. Will refer my family and friends. Thanks.

  152. TEFL Course


    Insightful. Thank you.

  153. What a pleasure !


    Great content , easy to navigate website and amazing and prompt feedback on assignments and tasks! loved it from beginning to end thanks team !

  154. Awesome Experience


    Great and prompt responses to assignments.

  155. Amazed


    Thank you so much guys , this was an amazing experience for me and may God bless you

  156. Teachtefl


    Thumps up. This course is challenging but this prepares one enough to tackle all the challenges in teaching english.

  157. Absolutely The best Course


    I always thought teaching was easy until I realized how much of work that goes into it ! This course has helped me become more of a creative thinker, use innovative ideas and appreciate how important it is to plan your work out meticulously. I would recommend this course to anyone needing a teaching certification for English as a foreign language. The tutor (Tanita) also always grades your work in a short space of time (less than 24 hours) and sends you feedback with each assignment. This really helps you grow and develop as an individual which I greatly appreciated. Thank You Teach TEFL

  158. 5

    Best online course I’ve ever took. Informative, specific and efficient. Big up ups.

  159. awesome!


    Best online course I’ve ever took. Informative, specific and efficient. Big up ups

  160. 5

    Thankyou so very much to my tutor Tanita, this has been a wonderful experience i cannot wait to start a new adventure on TEFL

  161. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!


    To The TEFL Team,

    Thank you all so much for a concise and most informative course. Special thanks to Tanita who was always there to assist me with constructive advice and help when needed.

    I thoroughly enjoyed every module and am very proud of my final mark. Hard work (and no tears) definitely paid off in the end.

    I look forward to beginning my new adventure in teaching, either Online or, if I’m fortunate enough, to travel.

    Kind regards
    Sandy Razlog

  162. 5

    Thank you for all the assistance throughout the course. Everything was well explained. I am a teacher but still felt like I learned something throughout the units.

  163. 5

    This was a wonderful course!
    Big ups to my amazing tutor.Thank you so much Tanita.For your time and for always responding to all questions.And also for your positive feedback.


  164. Refresher course


    I took me back to my high school time, took it light was not like walk in the park.

  165. Great insightful course


    It was such an eye opening course with regards to teaching English as a second language. I really enjoyed doing this course the tutors was very helpful .Thank you once again !! Tanita and vasti they are best!!

  166. TEFL


    Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The TEFL teachers are very helpful, and just an email away. The course was interesting, and I feel proud to have completed.
    It’s worth it, and this should be the ticket to a new life for me.

    Thank you

  167. TEFL 120 Hour


    Great course, great support from the tutors every step of the way.

  168. Awesome


    Amazing work by tutors they give great advises to improve my teaching skills

  169. A very good course


    I absolutely loved the course! The only reason i didn’t give 5 stars is because there were a few questions in one or two of the quizzes that were not covered in the course (especially regarding technical terms), I think it’s because the course changed and the quizzes were not all adjusted accordingly. Tanita Gouws is amazing! She is very quick to respond to emails and is extremely helpful, thank you Tanita.

  170. Good


    Thank you.
    This was lovely. Very good explanation. Clear expectations. Prompt responses. Will recommend this for anyone.

  171. Khanya


    Amazing course with good tutors. A special thank you to Tanita Gouws.

  172. Best course


    I have corrected all lot of mistake I had before I took the course. This is my first step to successful master English I would recommend anyone that have a problem with English even if you do not want to be a teacher . Just take it because it will show you where you lack and how to correct that .

  173. Best course


    I have corrected all lot of mistake I had before I took the course. This is my first step to successful master English I would recommend anyone that have a problem with English even if you do not want to be a teacher . Just take because it will show you where you lack and how to correct that .

  174. Feeling enriched!


    I really enjoyed the simplicity of the course and the tutor wan an absolute pleasure to work with.

  175. 5

    This was a wonderful course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The assignments will obviously require some time, but it is all worth it in the end.

    Tanita Gouws, our Instructor is the very best! Wow! She marked the assignments in record time and se even commented on my tasks. She made this course for me a 5 STAR COURSE!

    Tanita, shout out to you! I’m currently a Mathematics teacher at White River Primary and I know how busy it is when it comes to marking. However, you are an inspiration to the rest of us.

    If you want to do your TEFL…teachTEFL is the way to go.

    Alex Jonker

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    It was a wonderful expérience. The tutors, Tanita and Vasti were so kind and understanding. I recommend it to all those who want to perfect their English teaching skill

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    The content is super helpful if you are planning to teach. The tutors and team at Teach Tefl are fantastic and give prompt feedback and assistance. All in all, the course was money well spent. 🙂

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    What a journey made so easy and comfortable even through the challenging moments of testing your capabilities, having a helpful tutor, thanks to her as well! I swam like a fishy though the shallows and through the depths of the sea and I made it to my destination! I would definitely recommend this course to others! I pray now that it benefits me in the future, interacting with others and making a difference in their lives.

    Much love
    Rifqah Tofie

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    Glenda Potts

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    I did not think it would be exciting or challenging, but it was. If you put in the effort you will achieve good results, and be prepared to be a great teacher.

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    Tutors are very helpful and responsive.

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    Excellent platform to complete this short course. User friendly.

    Moderators are friendly and accessible, they respond fast to any queries / issues.

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    The course was interesting and the support and feedback from the tutors was encouraging and helpful. The material was easy to understand and grasp and I found the quizzes helpful.

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    I found it super helpful— Thank you Tanya— you are a star

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    Thank you

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    The course was very interesting and I liked the fact that there weren’t any deadlines and you could finish each module at your own pace. The tutors also give feedback after marking assignments which is great as you get to know what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved.

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    Enjoyed the course and had quick and great feedback from Tanita. Thank you.



    I appreciate your consideration / guidance / help / time throughout the course
    You have really opened my eyes. So here are my
    My sincere gratitude Thanks.

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    Thanks to my tutor Tanita Gouws for always being there to assist and ensuring that I successfully complete this journey.

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    5 happy stars

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    Thank you!

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    The course was very interesting and mind-blowing. It focuses on the most important aspects of how to make it as an English teacher. It emphasizes on the theoretical and practical aspects too which makes it a complete package. As much as it is an online course you feel like you are experiencing the events as they are happening in a classroom environment. I will recommend it to anyone, anyday. By the way, Tanita was amazing in responding emails.

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    An amazing experience with friendly helpful individuals. thanks a million for all the patience you have exhibited whilst I was taking the course. Many thanks keep up the amazing job guys. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to complete TEFL.
    Best Wishes and Kind Regards
    Kolesha Mothi Ramsumer

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    Great feedback and response time from tutors.

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    this course is very interesting the tutors are very supportive and they are the best. I really enjoyed doing this course.

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    Quite an interesting and informative journey

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    Thank you

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    when I needed support or had any challenges with a module help and support was there immediately after sending an email.
    my tutor was awesome, the guidance and support was on point.

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    The course was also easy to follow.

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    I would really like to say that this course has assisted me to improve my Language skills immensely , such as creating lesson plans . I now have full confidence that i would be a very efficient and knowledgeable teacher . Thank you TeachTefl , I would highly recommend .

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    Thank you ma’am for being patient and polite , you made the journey to be easy and informative at the same time.

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    Hi, great course interesting topics, well worth the money. Really enjoyed it, was a great learning experience for me.



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    The online teachers are very helpful!

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    I would like to thank Tanita Gouws for helping me through this journey. Her guidance will forever be treasured and her feedback will be applied on future projects 🙂

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    This is the first online course that I have ever attempted. Was sceptical at first but was amazed and wrong.
    The tutors are hands on, efficient and very helpful. Summarise EXCEPTIONAL 🙂

    Will recommend anytime.

    Karishma Pillay

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    What a great experience and time well-spent! there was amazing and constructive feedback which was truly appreciated.

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    Tanita is a GEM and a half! she is always willing to assist and always responds! I have dealt with Vasti once and she was helpful to.

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    I finished the course in two weeks and it was a great learning experience. Thank you Tanita for the feedback on all my assignments. Thank you TeachTEFL.

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    This is the best course I’ve done.The TEFL team has been a great help,I managed to obtain 85%.And I got my certificate on time, I’m beyond happy that I didn’t sleep on this TEFL certificate.

    Thank you once again for the assistance.

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    I enjoyed each and every step, with friendly tutor who is Always there to assist in any how.

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    The information provided and lessons learnt have been put so simply and hold the attention of the student so well that it’s enjoyable to complete.

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    Thank you for such an amazing course, the tutors were extremely helpful I wish I could meet them in person, what a great experience. Rating 90/100

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    So comprehensive and really easy to do. The tutors were so helpful with remarks to help you know where you can improve the next time. Thanks Tanita and TeachTEFL!!! You are the best.

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    Great course content! Great feedback from tutors too! It is great knowing where I can improve! Thank you so much!!!

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    Great course !
    I’d recommen it to any person who is looking to improve their English teaching skills

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    Lessons are clear, easy to understand yet thorough. I enjoyed the course, Thanks so much

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    This is a very good certificate and the tutors are always there to help. I enjoyed writing the assignments and quiz

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    Deserves the 5 stars. Markers are quick and provide great feedback. The content is understandable too.

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    The tutors were really helpful.

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    Thanks to Tanita and the team for making the TEFL course a comfortable experience for me!!!!very helpful♥️

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    Thanks to Tanita and the team for making the TEFL course a comfortable experience for.

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    I really enjoyed the course, the manner in which the curriculum was structured made it easy for me to want to learn more about teaching English as First Language to foreigners. I have learnt so much from the course and the information is very practical and implementable in a classroom setting of any kind. Thank you so much Teach TEFL for giving us a wonderful opportunity to learn, I will forever be grateful for this journey.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this course and must commend Tanita for all her help and for being so very helpful. Thank you Teach Tefl for the excellent course and brilliant tutor.

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    I would like to rate the online course as a “5” overall and many thanks to Tanita Gouws, for her assistance.

  340. Exceptional service


    This has been, by far, the best instruction ever. Tani was always available to assist and guide me if i had any questions, plus the response was always quick. I fully enjoyed this course and highly recommend it. Tanita and Vasti i commend you for your service.

  341. 4

    Thank you very much for everything. I enjoyed every minute. It was challenging at times but you efficiency and assistance was excellent. Looking forward to my new Journey.

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    I will definitely recommend it to anyone seeking to obtain a TEFL certificate

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    I 100% loved this course. It was such a pleasure to do and so very interesting. The assistance that I received was extremely commendable. I am so glad that I did this course. Well done to the Teach TEFL team for this brilliant course.

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    It’s interesting to know how broad English language can be. Have recommended course to most of my family and friends. Thank you Team Teffl. A big THANK YOU to Tanita, for all the advice and comendations..

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    The course is absolutely necessary if you want to teach abroad… My advice is, do not waste time on the course. Get it done as soon as possible but do not rush. The tutors are well trained, friendly and provide good service.

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    Thank you so much!

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    An easy to navigate course which was truly informative. I received timeous responses from tutors at all times.

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    This is a great course, very informative and greatly structured. I recommend it to all looking to be TEFL certified.

  349. 4

    I found course helpful,
    First 2 assignments were a bit vague, with not enough information on what was expect, But over all a good course.
    Thank you

  350. 5

    The best online course ever, the instructions are so clear and the tutor was so helpful. I highly recommend it.

  351. 5

    Very informative and constructive feedback from the tutors.

  352. Excellent Service!!


    I really enjoyed doing this course! It was very informative, creative, and uncomplicated.
    Tanita was extremely helpful, even taking time out on a public holiday to patiently answer questions.
    Thank you TeachTEFL, it has been a long time since a company has treated me like a customer and not a consumer.

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    Amazing course really had a great time learning

  354. Excellent Course


    I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone seeking to get their TEFL certificate.

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    This is an absolute amazing course it’s so informative and Tania is so helpful! And it’s so convenient to do in your free time.

  356. TEFL 120 hour course


    Excellent course, tutors are always friendly and get back to you almost as soon as you enquire something. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to travel abroad or just use as a refresher to sharpen the forgotten skills (in my case the tenses )

  357. TEFL


    Great support, throughout this journey definitely recommend it.

  358. Wonderful experience allround!


    I so enjoyed doing this course and was sad when it ended! Lovely to recap on English grammar again too. Course was nicely put together, all correspondence with tutors was timely and feedback was valuable.
    I now look forward to putting my qualification to practise. Many thanks

  359. Good start


    i have a degree in teaching and a diploma in Remedial teaching. I think this course is a great course to brush up on skills. I do however think , for a beginner teacher, this course should contain more practical sessions with focusing on the different stages of learning. In the beginning of the course, the quizzes are great, but then i find the course makes a leap into the final chapters – almost rushed. There should be a chapter explaining reasons why students don’t learn and a bit more about emotional barriers and the different ways every student learn. Otherwise, this course is fun and easy to do online and it is to be recommended. Tutors are also quick to respond.



    done in a period of a week ,very convenient since i needed my certificate urgently

  361. Parts of speach


    I found it quite intense. I think that this category should have been divided into 3 spheres.

    The assignments are always helpful and can be used in a classroom situation.

  362. 120 hour TEFL


    Thank you for the wonderful course and awesome assistance along the way.

  363. Informative and fun course


    Really enjoyed this course. It was interesting and reminded me of my former English classes in school(but more fun and quick). The tutors are always there to assist you which is great. Thank you Teach TEFL for such a great service!

  364. Good


    Very informative, and helpful

  365. 5

    Great course ready for teaching English and amazing tutoring from Tanita Gouws, Thank you.

  366. Awesome Course


    I’ll recommend this course to anyone wanting to teach abroad.

  367. Informative


    The course is very informative and the content and resources are extremely useful. Thanks.

  368. 5

    Thank you for always giving good and constructive feedback. I tend to be a detail oriented person and felt that the briefs for assignments could be more detailed.

  369. Excellent Course!


    Tutors were super helpful, understanding and easy to communicate with.
    Course work was interesting and taught me a lot.
    It’s been such a pleasure.
    Thank you. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

  370. Great work!


    Greta course, given a lot of time to do your work while continuing with your day to day busy life… I could recommend this to anyone.

  371. So excited


    Thank you so much to the helpful tutors and best compiled TEFL course. Really enjoyed it.

  372. Beyond my expectations


    This course has been a breeze. Thank you teachTEFL

  373. Excellent Course


    Thank you so much, this course has been really helpful.
    Excellent material provided.

    Tanita Gouws, you’re a star. Thank you

  374. 5

    I really enjoyed the course

  375. Loved it!


    Great course and great service. Site is very user friendly and all assignments are very clear of what needs to be achieved.

  376. 120 Online TEFL Course


    A great TEFL course!

    Extremely easy to follow and well structured. Tanita was very helpful.

    I strongly recommend doing this course.

    Thank you Teach TEFL.

  377. Thank you Tanita Gouws


    Thank You Tanita Gouws . You made this course so easy for me. You were easily available and you showed me so much support and encouragement. This institution needs more and more people like you. I hope You’re not a robbot LOL.

    Ndiya Bulela!
    Thank You!
    Keep up the good work

  378. Excellent


    Highly recommended! The tutors are excellent and very helpful.

  379. Informative!


    Thank you for a very informative course. I am now on my way to China!

  380. Excellent Course


    I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The course material was clear and easy to understand for people at all levels. The advice and help from the staff were very helpful in times of uncertainty.

  381. Course


    Excellent course and assistance.
    Fined tuned my knowledge . Take speaking for granted.

  382. 5

    Excellent syllabus, with basic foundation for foreign English principals.

  383. 5

    Excellent course! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone and the tutors are very helpful.

  384. 5

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity

  385. Teach Tefl 120 Online


    It is an excellent course.

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    Challenging without the notes but I have learnt a lot. Tutors are great, their responses and feedback are timeous! I would definitely recommend this course.

  387. Good Course


    i would recommend other students.easy to use interface and tutors to assist all the way.

  388. 5

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    Excellent service/guidance from tutors. They are the best.
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    I can recommend TeachTefl to anyone who requires this certificate

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    loved it!

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    In my other world,I am a Master’s student and I have learned a lot within a short space of time.
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    Definitely worth the time and effort!

    Thank you to the tutors

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    Thank you very much Teach TEFL for a wonderful experience.


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    I am so happy with all the feedback you get back.
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    I give it 99% ratings

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    Megan Long

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    The pair of you have been fantastic support, and have always given super fast responses to all and any queries.
    I thought the course was well put together, and easy to follow, with specific chapters on what a language teacher will face in a real classroom.
    I have been teaching language online, and have found what I have learnt through this course invaluable!
    To all who are considering doing their TEFL – this course is worth completing !

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    It was a great experience. The tutors are amazing

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    The course was great, very informative.

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    I will definitely recommend this course to my peers.

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    Fun, Engaging and interesting. The combination of these attributes really allowed me to enjoy this course.

    *Important note* – The tutors that help are really amazing 🙂 im looking at you Tanita Gouws. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    I loved the structure of the course. I liked the practical assignments that I believe have given me a head start on how I will prepare for and conduct lessons once I start teaching. I liked that the marking of the assignments was very quick and came with feedback. I always got my results with hours of submitting.

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    What a great course, wow. This is indeed the best school, even if I’ve learned some of these things before but when you study it again wow what a refresher, a lot was learned.

    Thank you guys!!

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    I never had a dull moment with it, because it’s so it’s interesting. You don’t even feel like you are learning. It’s like you are just having fun, but it gives you a lot of information. Some of the things are beyond your day to day thinking. I enjoyed learning from the-get-go! Thank you!

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    The course had clear instructions, the tutors were super helpful, written assessments took no longer than 48 hours to be marked, I would recommend this course to any and everyone.

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    I had a wonderful experience with this course and I have already recommended it to friends and family. The course is in-depth and concise and the structure flows really nicely. The tutors are motivational and respond really quickly to queries.

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    I loved the course. I learnt so much and am using everything I have learned to teach in China. However, I wish I knew that the last few modules were assignments. I didn’t think that and left them till the very end. Now I’m stuck with a submitted assignment and my last module won’t allow me to mark it complete…. I hope it goes through because i worked really hard on finishing the course and trying my best.

    Also I really loved that resources and attachments were always provided. I am even using some in my classes now.

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    This course prepared me better than my formal qualification. Tutors are attentive and their response rate is excellent on content and time.
    Keep it up!

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    Thank you.This is a fun and interesting course I am so glad I took it.I am so grateful that I was given an opportunity I would certainly reccomend it to my friends

  522. AMAZING!!!


    the tutors are amazing, they guide you and gives you response ASAP to your questions. DON’T HESITATE! REGISTER NOW!

  523. Very Supportive and Helpful Tutors


    Teachtefl Tutors are the best! Thank you Ms Tanita Gouws.

  524. Brilliant


    Brilliant. Enough said 🙂

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    Easy to follow, Plenty of time and overall a great experience

  526. the course was interesting, fun and helpful


    I have learn a lot from the course the feedback from the tutors we encouraging. Thank you

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    Excellent course!

  528. Amazing experience


    Tanita was really helpful and I would recommend this course to anyone.

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