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Combined Course


Course Aims

The aim of this course is to thoroughly prepare you for teaching EFL in any overseas environment. You will be able to prepare lessons for all age groups and levels and feel confident when selecting materials and activities. Equipped with a variety of techniques and methodologies, you will be a positive and resourceful teacher.


Applicants need to be at least 18 years old. Students must have a high command of the English Language.  You do not need to have a degree, but finding a teaching position abroad might be more difficult if you do not have a degree. Students will be screened before acceptance into the course 


In Preparation


For the combined course, you will have to complete the online course and the 20 hour classroom portion, before your certificate is issued.

You can start your online course prior to your classroom attendance.  This is highly recommended 


Observed and assessed teaching practice

In the classroom portion, you will complete teaching practice, you will be observed and graded for your lesson planning, execution and other aspects of the lesson.

 This practical side of the course will enable you to learn from first-hand experience. 


Combined course structure


120 Hour Online Course

 20 Hour In Class portion

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