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Teach TEFL was founded in 2016, and although we are relatively new in the game.  The staff has years of experience.

The founder had taught in South Korea. She also had a very successful career in corporate IT.  She has a BA Humanities degree (Psychology and Education as majors),  a Hons in BA Psychology, a Hons in Greek, and currently completing her Master's degree. Our tutors all have teaching experience and have at least two degrees each. 

Teach TEFL has developed a TEFL Course that is internationally recognised. This course will equip any student with the right skills and tools to be a great teacher.

The 120-hour course is available online. The combined course offers the 120-hour online portion and a 20-hour in-class portion.  This will give students some practical experience before starting a career.

The price of our course is more suited for the South African market, as some other suppliers might seem expensive when you convert Rands into Pounds or Dollars.


Although there is not one independent governing body for TEFL Certification. Some institutions independently accredit or endorse courses. 

Teach TEFL  is currently undergoing such an accreditation process.  We should have the results within the next few months.


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