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5 Countries to Teach English Abroad Without a Degree

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

The exciting prospect of a TEFL certification is to teach English abroad! Teaching abroad offers you the opportunity to travel the world while earning money – a win-win situation. Many countries require you to have a degree alongside a TEFL course. However, many countries are recruiting South African TEFL teachers who don’t have degrees. If you are adventurous and tired of experiencing a year of lockdown, then journeying to colourful and vibrant South America, Southeast Asian, and European countries are ideal for you!

Cambodia is known for its welcoming and friendly communities. One of the benefits of teaching English in this Southeast Asian country is that it’s more lenient during its hiring process than the neighbouring countries. Language schools prefer native English candidates with a college or university degree; however, with the growing need for English teachers, language and public schools accept TEFL teachers without degrees. Get to explore the stunning landscapes, temples, and beaches with low living costs and high salaries!

With a warm and sunny climate all year round and delicious food, Mexico is the place to be. Due to Mexico’s connection with the US, native English teachers are needed for improving learners’ overall fluency. English teachers with a 140 or 120 hour TEFL course is perfect for teaching at international or private schools. Unfortunately, the schools don’t organise accommodation for their teachers. But, finding the right place for your budget isn’t tricky because they will advise you on where to live. Like Cambodia, the cost of living for accommodation and transport is low. However, the salaries aren’t very high, but enough to get by and explore now and then. There is an increase in demand for Business English, so if you would like to make some extra money, this is an option.

Spain, a diverse European country, offers quant streets with colourful architecture, sunny beaches, divine cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere. The high demand for TEFL teachers in Spain has made it difficult for some English teachers to find a position in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. However, because of their focus on business and education, there are many opportunities with competitive salaries for TEFL English teachers. The salaries are good, but accommodation isn’t included, but suitable budget adjustments can help you save up a little bit of money to explore the surrounding areas.

Argentina is colourful, vibrant, friendly, and sunny. Enjoy music, food, the tango, and beaches in your free time. This country is for those that are looking for a lively social and energetic cultural experience. The surrounding natural landscapes call the adventurer within to explore the glorious outdoors. Unfortunately, accommodation isn’t included, but fortunately, the cost of living is low. If you are looking for a new adventure or want to learn how to tango, Argentina is the place for you.

Russia has recently become a popular destination for TEFL teachers. (Perhaps, it’s the cold and surplus vodka available?) Most international and private language schools offer good salaries, accommodation, and flight reimbursements. Russia has tons of opportunities for South African TEFL teachers to teach English because of its size. If you are ,looking to make money, there are opportunities to tutor students privately for quite a bit of money. This country has more to offer than meets the eye – with its diverse cultures spread across the different zones, music, ballet, history, and architecture; everyone will find a space to enjoy that will make you want to stay forever! But, if you do not enjoy harsh, cold climates, we suggest one of the warmer South American countries.

Final Thoughts
Depending on where you are looking to teach English, there are many online companies that will help you through the application process. After that, the transition may be a bit tough in the beginning because of a slight culture shock. But, after a few weeks of settling in, the experience will be one you remember forever!

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