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4 Prominent Online Teaching Companies for South African TEFL teachers

When South Africans were taken off the native English list for online teaching, it caused a surge of frustration and demotivation for many TEFL teachers in South Africa. However, besides this unfortunate status for South African online teachers, there are still MANY reputable and prominent online companies that hire South African TEFL teachers for online teaching. Yes, it may sometimes take a few applications and extra hours researching, but knowing which companies to begin with first could shorten your job search. We would like to share some companies that we would recommend to make your process for teaching TEFL online easier.


If you are looking for a wide range of students, a flexible schedule, and a pay rate that you set, look no further. Preply has thousands of tutors teaching all languages to all types of language learners. The application process is quite simple, and there is no interview before joining. You simply fill out an application, what for approval, set up your profile and hourly rate. It takes a bit of time to attract long-term students, but building a good profile is what will make you stand out from the other teachers.

Magic Ears

Magic Ears is an online platform for language learners between the ages of 4 and 12. You have the opportunity to work flexible hours while earning up to $26 USD per hour. Thus, you are required to set up a classroom with props for each lesson. The application process includes 5 steps beginning with basic information, a short interview and a mini demo to show your teaching skills. Thereafter, if you are accepted, you will get the opportunity to view the teaching material, and finally, you sign a contract.


Cambly offers one-on-one classes with language learners of all ages from all around the world. To become a tutor, they do not require any certificates, degrees, or previous experience, and you can earn up to $10,20 USD per hour ($0.17 USD per minute). The application process may take a few weeks. You get to arrange your schedule at any time of the day, and you are not required to work a minimum amount of hours, so Cambly is a great option for a part-time TEFL job. You also get the opportunity to apply to Cambly Kids to teach language learners between the ages of 4 and 12 and earn $12 USD per hour. This requires a TEFL certificate and is more structured. You will receive a weekly payment every Monday which is great if you don’t enjoy waiting for the end of the month to receive your payment.


Starkid is an online platform for teaching language learners between the ages of 4 to 12. With the highest pay of $20-$25 USD, you are able to book classes and teach according to your schedule. This company offers teaching materials for your lessons which makes preparation easier. Like most companies, the application may take a few weeks to complete. They are focused on hiring long-term teachers, so if you would like to commit to a full-time position with a company, then this one is for you.

Each company has a different application process, but most of them require a copy of your TEFL certification, a copy of your ID, a resume, and a cover letter for why you want to teach English for the company. After the initial application, an online interview will be scheduled. The application process may take a few weeks, so apply to a few companies at the same time. Good luck, and we are sure you are going to find the job that best suits you and your schedule!


Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

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