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4 Essential Tips to Prepare for an Online Interview with a Teaching Company

Now that you have completed your TEFL course (congratulations!), you need to land your dream TEFL teaching job. With any application process, you have to prepare for your TEFL interview. For most of us, preparing for an interview can be quite nerve-wracking, because you don’t know what to expect. So, we have compiled 4 essential tips to help you prepare for your online interview and secure your dream teaching job!

1. Practice & Prepare!

Like anything else in life, preparing for an interview is important. Research a few possible questions that may be asked about your experience, your teaching style and approach, and why you want to teach English. Choose about 10-15 questions and write down your answers. Most interviews are done via an online video call such as Skype, Zoom, or the company’s platform. Ask a friend to interview you on one of these platforms as practice. Another option, which is a timeless piece of advice, is to practice in front of the mirror! This will help you prepare for possible questions, and be more confident in your abilities.

2. Remaining calm & confident is key.

Imperative characteristics of being a teacher are your abilities to be friendly, at ease, and comfortable. Try to do an activity that relaxes you 30 minutes or so before your scheduled interview, so that you can clear your mind and reach a state of calm. We all have methods that assist us in relieving stress and anxiousness; it may be a cup of tea, breathing exercises, a walk outside, or a session of meditation. This will help you feel comfortable during the interview. Smile, be friendly and show your confidence in your abilities.

3. Communication is vital.

During the interview, speak clearly, slowly and concisely, because these are necessary skills for a TEFL teacher. Answer questions using short and concise sentences. When we feel nervous, we tend to speed up the pace when we speak to quickly reach the end. Focus on steady breathing, and pausing between sentences. Body language is as important as the words we use. Smile and retain eye contact with your camera – this shows your confidence. Use TPR when speaking to show off your TEFL skills.

4. Be interested.

As much as the company is interested in your skills and experience, the company is more likely to hire you as a TEFL teacher if you show your interest in working for the company. Ask questions about the type of students they teach, the content they teach, and their teaching approaches in the classroom. This may also lead the conversation to how you could add value to their company. Prepare for this question, and discuss your strengths, skills, and goals to learn and expand your knowledge. This will show the company that you are willing to commit and dedicate your skills to building the company as well as your own experience.

Remember to follow the instructions of the application process. Check-in on the process daily, but don’t panic if you don’t receive immediate feedback – the application process can take a few weeks. While you are waiting for the scheduled interview, research the company, prepare and practice for it, and remain calm. You got this!

Written by Aidan Tyler-Scott

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